"Through this place we thrive, we serve and find our place in the world."

We recognize that all students are uniquely talented. Within our exceptionally supportive community, students develop positive relationships and relish the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the full. Learning at CSS is highly student-centred, engaging and inquiry based. Through a broad range of experiences in and beyond school, students become confident, optimistic, compassionate and internationally-minded young adults, ready to find their place in the world.

To promote inquiry-based and multi-media teaching and learning through information and communication technology (ICT), an extensive school-wide network has been installed to match the growing needs of the school, including wireless access and an intranet for collaborative learning and communication within the school community.


Students of NECS describe school life at NECS as happy, purposeful and fulfilling and learning at school is enjoyable, creative, meaningful and relevant to daily life.

To enrich students' life at school, widen their horizons and realize the potential and talent to the full, the school runs a comprehensive and diverse co-curricular activities programme that embraces disciplines of Sports & Action, Creativity, Music, Drama and other Performing Arts, Technology, Craft, Academic Clubs and Community Service.

Every year the school runs a structured programme of camp activities to extend learning outside the classroom. Camps activities include field expeditions; environmental, adventure and leadership training camps; as well as study visits and service camps overseas.The school also offers Form 4 students a work experience programme. During their activity week held each year students work in companies and organisations to experience a real work environment, thus helping them to further understand the world of work and make better-informed decisions on subject choices and career direction.